Madison County COVID-19 Update for May 22, 2020

Information provided by Madison County Public Health


The Ohio Department of Health is reporting 128 COVID-19 cases in Madison County as of 2pm on Friday, May 22nd. This includes both confirmed (113) and probable (15) cases in the county.

COVID-19 affects people in different ways. Some people experience a few symptoms and some experience every symptom. The length of time those symptoms last varies as well. Right now we do not know if people can get COVID-19 more than once or if they become immune. There is no standardized definition of a recovered case of COVID-19 across the healthcare profession; this is why recovered cases are often not reported.

The virus is still spreading in the community. Please do not visit with anyone outside of your home, wash your hands, and continue to wear masks out in public. For more info & daily updates visit


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